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C H A S S E 


Subway Dwellers, Video, 2021
Chasse_Doll4_Mixed Media.jpg
Doll I, 72x78 in., acrylic, brads, wire and cardboard, 2019
Doll II, 70x92 in., acrylic, brads, wire and cardboard, 2019

The dolls pictures in Unmasked Play are a hybrid of the recklessness of a child's mind and the matured mind of an adult.

When we are young we filter ourselves less. Our minds are not fully wrapped around the expectations others have for us yet. We play with dolls unsupervised, giving us the opportunity to explore identity and sexuality without judgement. My dolls maintain a pained smile, showing their eagerness to play while simultaneously sensing danger in freedom. I install, photograph and film these dolls in spaces that triggered anxiety around my evolving identity growing up. Common places for installation include strip clubs, churches, queer bars, and holiday family gatherings. 

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